re:play Hyrdration

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re:play™ is the most effective solution for rehydrating after vigorous exercise or a hard day’s work in high heat.

The body loses electrolytes through sweat, and even 5% dehydration can cause the oxygen capacity of your lungs to plummet by 30%. It is essential to stay hydrated in order to maintain your peak level of activity.

Instead of sugar, which causes bloating and an inevitable crash, re:play™ uses a non-glucose amino acid in your intestine to transport electrolytes across the intestinal wall efficiently without the negative effects of sugar.

Our patent-pending solution contains the same hydration power as a bag of IV fluid and delivers four key electrolytes—sodium, chloride, potassium and zinc—straight into your bloodstream to help your body absorb more water and recover faster.


re:playTM is an isotonic/hypotonic patent-pending oral rehydration solution with an osmolality of 280mOsm/L that is proving to be an effective alternative to an IV. re:playTM uses 40 years of hydration science with all natural ingredients and without sugar to promote hydration.

Although hydration is important for all people, if you are an athlete, physically active adult or perform in areas of high or extreme heat, hydration with re:play could be the answer for you. re:play™ isn’t all talk and no game. re:play™ is engineered to be your go to hydration tool to assist you in recovery after workouts.

  • re:play™ provides hydration equivalent to a bag of IV fluid!
  • re:play™ contains three key electrolytes: Sodium, Chloride and Potassium.

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