Gan Mai Do Zao Tang, 100 capsules


Subcategories & Applications

  • Shen-Calming Formulas


  • Xiao Mai (Fructus Tritici), 50g
  • Da Zao (Fructus Jujubae), 25g
  • Gan Cao (Rx/Rz Glycyrrhizae), 25g

Note: This formula has an herb, Xiao Mai (Fructus Tritici), that contains gluten. A possible replacement of this formula for your gluten-sensitive patients is Suan Zao Ren Tang (Zizyphus Combination).

Recommended Dosing

  • 3-4 capsules 3 times a day for an average adult (18-60 years of age, approximately 150 lbs). This standard dosage may be increased or decreased depending on the patient's individual factors, such as age, body weight, type of illness and severity.
  • Serve with warm water on an empty stomach, 2-3 hours apart from your prescription medication or other supplements. Do not take with tea, coffee, juice, soda or any other beverages.